Curriculum Vitae


Currently MFA candidate, University of Nevada Reno, 2021-Present

BFA San Francisco Art Institute, 1992 Painting, Printing

China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China, 1993 Chinese Painting Certificate

Independent Study: UK 1985, Chicago 2015, 2016, Sardinia Italy  2016, Argentina 2018


Selected Exhibitions:


“Clothesline” University of Nevada Reno

“Found & Lost” University of Nevada Reno, Garage Gallery, @Lake Tahoe, CA


“American Mosaics” GoCM Gallery, Chicago, IL


“Maanz” Australia

“Breaking Ground” GoCM Gallery, Chicago, IL

“OCCCA@40” Orange County, CA

“Mi Familia” GoCM Gallery, Chicago, IL


“Class Act” GoCM Gallery, Chicago, IL


“KME” Kyoto, Japan

Orange County Center For Contemporary Art, Orange County , CA

“Mosaic Arts International” The Parthenon Museum, Nashville, TN


“Class Act” Chicago, IL

“The Text” Sofa Chicago, Chicago, IL

“The Text” GoDM Gallery Chicago, IL

“Marks That Make” GoCM Gallery Chicago, IL

“National Academy of Medicine” Washington DC

“Sotheby’s International” Lake Tahoe, CA

“Musiv.AR 18” Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Mosaic Arts International” Boston, Mass


“Tessera” Udine, Italy

“Variations” SOFA, Chicago, IL

“Variations” GoCM Gallery, Chicago IL

“Sotheby’s International” Lake Tahoe, CA

“Mosaic Arts International” San Diego, CA

“Stories We Tell” GoCM Gallery, Chicago, IL

“Tessera”  Udine, Italy

“Prix Picassiette” Chartres, France


“Sardinia Contemporary Mosaic” Sardinia, Italy

“Mosaic Arts International” San Diego, CA

“A Passover Story” Dallas, TX

“Opus Pleiades” GoCM Gallery, Chicago, IL

“International Gazientep Mosaic” Zeugma Museum, Gaziantep, Turkey

“Biennale Mosaiques en Nord” Musée des Augustins d'Hazebrouck, Hazbrouck, France

“Festival International De Mosaique Contemporaine” La Chapelle-Saint-Andre, France


La Chapelle-Saint-Andre, France

“A Passover Story” Dallas, TX

“Mosaic Arts International “ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Under the Influence” GoCM Gallery, Chicago, IL

“Prix Picassiette” Chartres, France

(awarded 3rd place in the category of Rencontres Internationales de Mosaique)

“Noir et Blanc” Parlay le Monial, France



MAANZ Australia, Best in Show

Society of American Mosaic Artists, San Diego, CA, Distinction

International Gazientep Museum Gazientep, Turkey

Second Place Award, 2015

1er Festival International De Mosaique Contemporaine

La Chapelle-Saint-Andre, France, 2015